After a mammoth task of clearing up the mess and starting from scratch with the bands line up settled. In 2007 the band L-R Tim V, Rob Jefferson, Dave Parsons and Ian Whitewood did their first full USA tour in 29 years. After an initial wave of doubt, the tour kicked off in Corona CA at the Showcase Theatre and then swept across the US and incorporating 4 shows in Canada with huge success.
The band then went onto do a sell out tour of Japan.
Most was explained in an interview the band did in the US for another follow up tour in 2008 click here to listen: RADIO INTERVIEW
A mad moment of 'lets just do it' saw the band board a plane to do a first, and that was a SHAM 69 show in Singapore in 2010. The band with the addition by now of Al Campbell on Bass played in Singapore's main Punk/Oi club at that time. The audience of Punks and Skins went crazy as the some of ex pats looked on fearful of joining in the mosh pit. The entire time was a steam bath and though it was hard the weekend was fun and marked another point in the bands history. Both Dave and Ian as usual went exploring and what was a shock to Dave as he discovered that around the corner from our hotel was a brothel, needless to say none of us visited it and preferred to see crabs on the menu rather than anywhere else!!
Hahaha..the faces of doom this picture shows a very tired band in China. After a lengthy tour of Australia and New Zealand the band then flew directly to China to do an historical tour of this vast country. The band which was the first major UK punk band to tour China hit the road running with a film crew tagging along. The band saw every corner of China mainly by Train and the experience was incredible. But on this particular day the band was asked to do what they thought was a radio show, but it turned out to be a childrens music show for TV. After being handed maracas and tambourines to do song the refusal was immediate and that was that..however later that night the band done a fantastic show and got legless.